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About Us

Pardini Photography and Weddings is a top recognized successful husband and wife photography team in the Maryland / Washington DC Metropolitan Area. We specialize in wedding, portrait and corporate style photography.  We take pride in the impact that we have on our clients since 1994!   We work together as a team documenting  special, once in a lifetime moments with pure excellence.   Kathy takes pride in the connection she establishes with our clients when conducting poses while Craig documents the moment by capturing memories with his impeccable eye and intuition!  During times when formal posing is not necessary, Kathy will take photographs so that all angles are captured.  By having a male and female photography team,  you will get the view of your wedding or event from both a female and male perspective.  Craig and Kathy maneuver unnoticed throughout the day while capturing the brilliance of the special moment. We are true photojournalists....there are no manipulations or interruptions of the special day.  Craig and Kathy are both skilled in the latest Adobe Photoshop professional photography editing software and are members of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Craig holds the prestigious Masters of Photography degree (M.P.R.) and is a certified master professional wedding and portrait photographer.  Craig and Kathy are active members in numerous photography organizations such as: Professional Photographers of America,  American Image Press, International Freelance Photographers Organization and The National Association of Photoshop Professionals.   In 1990, Craig first started his formal studies as a photographer and was offered a teacher's assistant position for that very same photography course the following year.   In 1993, Craig was offered a full scholarship to Brooks College to further his photography and graphics studies.  In 1994, Craig established Pardini Images and started photographing weddings professionally.  Craig's first wedding was a referral from his photography professor in 1994.  Between 1994 and 1999, Craig photographed many different weddings and formal events independently.  In 1999, Craig married his soul mate Kathy Ireland and shortly thereafter, Pardini Images changed to Pardini Photography and Weddings.  Since Y2K, the team of Craig and Kathy made many differences in people's lives by documenting special once in a lifetime moments with excellence!    Craig and Kathy are always continuing their knowledge on the latest cutting edge photography technology.  Craig frequently attends photography seminars and Photography / Photoshop continuing educational courses.  In late 2008, Craig started instructing a photography class for Individuals with autism.  In 2009, Craig was inducted into the IFPO Photographers Hall of Fame. 

Photography is the art of painting with light, but to us, the real art is getting to know people and capturing incredible photographs of the most special moments in their lives.

Our mission is that your experience will be like having at your side  an old, trusted family friend who just happens to be a exceptional photographer that will put you completely at ease. 

Our goal is that the photographs we capture, will take your breath away.  You will brush back tears by reliving the memories through these photographs that will be passed around the family room for generations to come.

From the very beginning it has been very clear to us, we are not in the business, focusing on business; we are in the people business, focusing on photography!

We use top of the line state-of-the-art technology.  As certified professionals, we will use whatever camera is most appropriate for what is being photographed.  Do not worry, we have plenty of backup equipment!  That is one of the main benefits to hiring an experienced professional photographer.  Our state-of-the-art digital technology allows us to offer you more convenient proofing / viewing and editing methods.

We prefer a style that emphasizes the personality and expression of the subjects.  Human photography is very challenging, and you need to work with a personality that is upbeat, lively, and sensitive.  High end models get paid top dollar because they know how to provide the expressions that sell products and services.  The best technique and print quality, however, cannot guarantee a great expression.  Since many people are shy in front of a camera, a photographer's skill at establishing a rapport with the subject is extremely crucial and that is what we do!  Subjects need to participate when photographed by relaxing and having fun!  

Why do we offer excellent services?  Because we love what we do.  This is not our fulltime job, we do not have to do this at all, we just enjoy what we do and pass that on to you! 

What to expect after your event: the very same day of your event, we make three backup copies of your digitally mastered photographs, one copy of which goes on our backup hard drive and stored in a fireproof safe (to preserve for a lifetime).  Your photographs will then be  precisely edited, carefully reviewed by us and added to our website for you and your family to view conveniently.  Two weeks (or sooner) after your event takes place, your package will be complete and ready for you to enjoy!  We are good friends with all of our past clients.  The connection that we establish during the planning process, engagement session and the weddings, brings us close for many years to come.  That is why we succeed in what we do!

Best regards,

Craig & Kathy

The History of Pardini Photography and Weddings

2014 - Pardini Photography and Weddings published their second book titled 'Photography Tips and Techniques and is sold on Amazon!

2013 - Pardini Photography and Weddings published their first book titled 'The Bridal Guide to Wedding Photography' and is sold on Amazon!  

2012 - Craig Pardini received an award from CSAAC (Community Services for Autistic Adults and Children) for outstanding accomplishments and contributions to the In-Focus Photography Program that he leads and instructs.

2009 - Craig Pardini is inducted into the IFPO Hall of Fame.

2008 - Craig Pardini started to instruct a photography course for individuals with autism.

2008 - Pardini Photography and Weddings became Accredited by American Image Press.

2008 - Pardini Photography and Weddings is listed in the top 10 wedding photographers in Maryland.

2008 – Pardini Photography and Weddings is WeDj’s featured wedding photographers in both Montgomery and Frederick County.

2008 – Pardini Photography and Weddings received 5 certificates of publication picture awards from Today’s Photographer Magazine.

2006 – Pardini Photography and Weddings became a member of The National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

2005 – Craig Pardini became a Certified Master Photographer.

2005 – Craig Pardini became a Certified Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer.

2005 - Pardini Photography and Weddings recieved the International Library of Photography Editor's Choice Award.

2004 – Craig Pardini received his Masters of Photography Degree.

2004 – Pardini Photography and Weddings became a member of The Professional Photographers of America.

2004 – Pardini Photography and Weddings became a member of The Internal Freelance Photographers Organization.

2001 – Craig made the transition from film photography to completely digital photography.

1999 – Craig and Kathy established Pardini Photography and Weddings.

1998 – Craig met his soul-mate Kathy Ireland.

1994 – 1998 – Craig photographed many different weddings and formal events on his own.

1994 – Pardini Images was formed and Craig started taking professional wedding photographs.

1993 - Craig received his first wedding photography referral from his photography professor.

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